Bench pressing machine

Pressure accuracy level1111
Maximum pressureKN551020
Pressure rangeKN0.05-50.05-50.1-100.2-20
Sampling timestimes/sec800120012001200
Maximum strokemm100200200200
Enclosed heightmm200300300300
Throat depth(Distance from spindle to column )mm120120120120
Displacement resolutionmm0.0010.0010.0010.001
Positioning accuracymm±0.01±0.01±0.01±0.01
Pressing speedmm/s0.01-350.01-350.01-350.01-35
No-load speedmm/s100100125125
Minimum speed that can be setmm/s0.
Pressure holding times0.1-1500.1-1500.1-1500.1-150
The minimum pressure holding time can be sets0.
Equipment powerW5005007502kw
Power supply voltageVAC220AC220AC220AC220

Product advantages

1.High equipment precision, displacement accuracy ±0.01mm, load accuracy ±1%.
2.Independently developed software, easy to maintain. (most of the market uses PLC control. Our company uses FPGA as the main chip and industrial computer as the terminal, providing unlimited possibilities for data storage and analysis.)
3.Various pressing modes, load control and position control.
4.Real-time recording of pressing data and ability to save and analyze data. (most of the market uses PLC control and cannot save data points, but our system uses an industrial computer, making it easy to save collected points)
5.Software with alarm function, allowing setting of product load range or displacement range. If real-time data is not within the range, the device will automatically alarm.
6.The equipment is equipped with an industrial computer, and the computer interface is specially designed for pressing machines. Easy to use and convenient.
7.The equipment is equipped with a safety light curtain to ensure the safety of operators.
8.Achieve precise displacement and pressure control without the need for hard limit and precision fixtures.
9.Online assembly quality management technology to remove defective products in real-time.
10.Optimize the pressing process based on specific product requirements.
11.Specific, complete, and accurate recording and analysis functions of the pressing operation. (The curve has functions such as zooming and traversing)
12.Automatic compensation function to achieve pressing control that hydraulic presses cannot achieve.
13.Can achieve multiple uses, flexible wiring, and remote device management.
14.Multiple data formats can be exported, and data can be easily imported into SPC and other data analysis systems.
15.Self-diagnostic function: When the device has a fault, the electronic press can display error messages and suggest solutions, making it easy to quickly identify and solve problems.
16.Multi-function I/O communication interface: Through this interface, communication with external devices is possible, facilitating full automation integration.
17.The software supports multiple permission settings.

Pneumatic Hydraulic Equipment

Product Features of Pneumatic Hydraulic Equipment

High efficiency and easy operation, reducing operator fatigue

The design of the press is easy to use for part compression, punching, bending, and printing

Simple structure, requiring minimal maintenance

Fast and smooth operation

The design of the column base and * structure facilitates long-term operation

Lightweight and easy to move

Equipped with safety devices to provide comprehensive safety protection during operation

Vertical design with button switch, can be operated with foot pedal or manual control

The cylinder shaft is equipped with a stop-rotating guide rod for more precise work.

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