Electric linear actuator

Principle of Servo Electric Cylinder

An electric cylinder converts the rotary motion of a motor into linear motion of a push rod through a screw and transmission mechanism. By utilizing the closed-loop control characteristics of a servo motor, precise control of thrust, speed, and position can be easily achieved. With the use of modern motion control technology, numerical control technology, and bus (network) technology, programmable and bus (network) control can be realized. Due to its convenient control and use, it can achieve precise motion control that cannot be achieved by pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

Direct-coupled electric cylinder (left)

The direct drive electric cylinder integrates AC servo motor, servo driver, high precision ball screw, and modular design technologies. The entire electric cylinder has the characteristics of compact structure, small inertia, fast response, low noise, and long lifespan. The servo motor is directly connected to the transmission screw of the electric cylinder, allowing the encoder of the servo motor to directly feedback the displacement of the piston of the electric cylinder, reducing the inertia and clearance of intermediate links, and improving controllability and control accuracy. The servo motor is directly connected to the electric cylinder, making installation easy, setup simple, and use convenient. The main components of the electric cylinder are made of well-known products, with stable performance, low failure rate, and high reliability.

Folding electric cylinder(right)The folding electric cylinder is suitable for installation in small spaces due to its short overall length. At the same time, the synchronous belt used in this solution has the characteristics of high strength, small clearance, and long lifespan, which makes the electric cylinder have higher controllability and control accuracy. The servo motor can be flexibly combined with the electric cylinder, making installation easy, setup simple, and use convenient.

Code NameBody width Maximum stroke

Structural Features

Thrust range: 10kg-80T

Stroke range: 10-1500mm (non-standard customization available for strokes beyond the range)

Imported ball screw, high efficiency and anti-backlash

Can be equipped with different brands of servo motors and stepper motors

Equipped with a grating ruler for closed-loop control, achieving a high repeatability and positioning accuracy of up to ±0.01mm

Accurate control of thrust, thrust accuracy is 0.5% FS, optional pressure sensor can be added

Rated thrust can be achieved at any position within the entire stroke range.

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